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The ABC Bunyip series of Australian kids picture books by Kathy Littlemore.

Multi Layered and Multi Fasceted

Like peeling an onion, the ABC Bunyip books have many layers, but none of the tears. They are written to a brand new recipe called “EMPOWER” with all the sparkle of diamonds.


E for our precious environment because it matters.

M for mates which is Aussie for friends.

P for previously read for familiarity and confidence.

O for something Ozzie/Aussie to introduce Aussie culture.

W for waggish, naughty behaviour.

E for emotions because we all feel them.

R for repetition because it is fun.

Blend this unique book formula with a splash of humour and good old fashioned fun and watch the magic happen as readers fast track their dream lives.

Australia’s favourite monster, ABC Bunyip knows just how special “home” is.

He shares his story about how he nearly lost his home and how anxious and worried he was when he thought he might have to live somewhere else.

He has made it his mission to empower kids lives by giving you the keys to Aussie culture, so you can feel “at home” once more and get on with living an amazing Aussie life.

Master Storytelling Solves Puzzles​

Are you puzzled and just a tiny bit anxious about Aussie Life and Culture?​

All parents and grandparents want to raise happy, confident kids who are well balanced and successful. And that gets a whole heap more challenging if you have moved house in search of a bright new shiny life … whether from around the corner or across the globe.

SO … What if there was a way to quickly find the lay of the land?​

Imagine your whole family gathered around an Australian kids picture book that has you all reading, laughing, learning and feeling good about life. Reading together is such a simple and enjoyable way to empower your kids.

The ABC Bunyip Book Series Breaks All The Rules!​

Along with storylines that are most fun for 6 year olds, the ABC Bunyip books have big words, big concepts and amazing detailed illustrations to inform and entertain their grandparents too. Stretch the boundaries and warm to Aussie culture.

Whether you have just arrived in Australia or your family has been here for generations, you deserve to feel “at home”.

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Uniquely Australian

The author is Australian, the characters are Australian and each book unlocks a secret of Aussie culture.

Fun and Games for all Ages

Loveable quirky characters and exciting adventures to be enjoyed by ages 8 to 80 and beyond.

Delightfully Multicultural

Amazing talent from around the globe, illustrated each page with incredibly detailed interpretations of the stories.


The ABC Bunyip books are fun tools for the whole family to read together, which help you easily understand Australian ways and empower your confidence in your new community.

Read Kids Books Together

Want to see inside the ABC Bunyip books first?
Of course you can.
Half the fun of buying a book is the browsing and flipping through the pages.
This is the only place where you can have your book signed.

Librarians & Teachers

The ABC Bunyip books will add laughter to your classroom, making easier and more memorable. The Discussion Questions, resources and
"Adopt an Author" program are there to empower your pupils to learn with confidence.

Adopt an Author

As part of the Adopt an Author programme,
Kathy Littlemore will pop into your classroom via Zoom for 12 monthly workshops.


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