Bringing Aussie Culture to Kids

Children's picture book author, Kathy Littlemore created ABC Bunyip, the three eyed monster that has kids devouring and giggling their way through page after page, as a way to unlock the secrets of Aussie culture for migrant children and help them gain that very important sense of belonging.

Can't Wait to Start Reading?

If you simply can't wait to start reading ABC Bunyip Saves the Big Black Boogie Swamp, head straight on over to Bad Bunyip Bookshop where you can buy a signed copy of this awesome children's picture book. Then come on back and join ABC Bunyip and myself, and we will explore Aussie culture together.

In the Right Place

You are in the right place to learn about Aussie culture while indulging in spectacular children's picture books. If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, then this website is here to help you find solutions.

Are you a kid looking for a good read from a favourite children's picture book author and a fun place to hang out?

Have you moved to a new place that doesn't quite feel like home yet?

Are you a parent or grandparent worried about how your child or grandchild is fitting in?

Are you a parent or grandparent looking to bond with your youngsters?

Are you a teacher or librarian looking for  new children's picture book authors to encourage your pupils to love reading?

Do you work with migrants and refugees and want to help them understand the culture they now live in?

Are you a children's picture book author wondering how your wonderful words can help change someone's life?

Are you a writer who wants to hang out with other writers?

New Words and Spellings

In Australia we use British English for spellings and add in a whole heap of Aussie slang to confuse you. If I use words that I think might be unfamiliar to you,  I will explain them in the green and gold thongs you see below.  Green and gold are Australia's national colours. If I have missed any, be sure to contact me.

Thongs...Casual Footwear

Welcome to the Community

Did you know that more than one in four Australians were born overseas? So you are not alone, if you are finding things just a wee bit strange in your new home. Everything is new and strange and it can feel overwhelming. Children's picture books are great places to find out more about your new home.

Weird & Wonderful

You are in the right place to learn more about the weird and wonderful ways of Australians. Whether you have just arrived or have been here a while, you will find delicious facts and tasty morsels of information tucked away in children's picture books.

As you take in the sights around your new home, you will almost certainly compare them to your old home. I mean, even the houses look different, don't they?

There are new Sounds.  You may have never heard the sound of surf crashing on an Aussie beach before, kookaburras laughing or the distinctive Aussie accent.

The Smell of eucalyptus leaves and the the smell of the salt air at the beach are unique.

Have you ever scrunched up your toes and felt soft green grass between them?

Aussies are born with peculiar tastebuds and are raised on a black, salty, yeast extract called Vegemite. It is an acquired taste. Vegemite is not something you spread thick on your toast like jam. The trick is to smear it sparingly of your toast and you will soon be having a party in your mouth.

The Same

No doubt you miss your home and your friends. Maybe you feel a bit sad and lonely?

ABC Bunyip, the main character in the picture book ABC Bunyip Saves the Big Black Boogie Swamp, is sad and lonely too. His family have lived in the Big Black Boogie Swamp forever. ABC Bunyip is worried that he will have to leave his home...the first bad bunyip to ever leave!

What are they talking about?

The hardest thing of all is the Australian version of the English language. You can speak perfect English and still not understand what an Australian is saying! Or why they behave the way they do.

These are are very reasons that ABC Bunyip came into being...a children's picture book series especially to help you understand Australians!

Where to Next?

Click on the picture above to visit the ABC Bunyip Art Gallery.

Click on the picture above to play fun games.

Click on the picture above if you want to ask a question.

Click on the picture above if you want to know more about me.

I am looking forward to spending time with you as you explore Aussie culture through my children's picture books.
Best wishes
Kathy xx

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