ABC Bunyip Saves the Big Black Boogie Swamp
Book 1

This delightful tale with stunning illustrations drags readers into the Australian Great Outdoors and culture.

Bunyips are big, bad, Australian monsters. Young ABC Bunyip is still learning to be bad, when Farmer Joe’s dastardly plans threaten his home in the Big Black Boogie Swamp. ABC’s new skills are tested. 

Is ABC Bunyip Real?

Are bunyips real? Back in 1847, a skull believed to be a bunyip skull was exhibited at the Australian Museum in Sydney.


Archie the dotty Dalmatian dog and Raymond the little black pig, befriend the lonely Bunyip. But the real solution to ABC Bunyip's challenge, comes from a very unexpected source.

Archie and Raymond were friends in real life.

Sprinkled with familiar elements to encourage reluctant readers, ABC Bunyip Saves the Big Black Boogie Swamp tugs them along into new territory. Migrants learning English gain insights into quirky Australian ideas.

Love of Reading - A Great Gift

I believe a love of reading is one of the greatest gifts to bestow upon children. It is a gift for a lifetime. And the most precious time of day, is reading the Bedtime Story together. Perfect for reading to four to six year olds, ABC Bunyip Saves the Big Black Boogie Swamp, is fast becoming a favourite for six to eight year olds reading on their own.

Released in December 2015, the book immediately sparked requests from children, parents, grandparents and librarians for the next book in the series.

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