ABC Bunyip Birthday Club

ABC Bunyip loves birthdays. He loves his own birthday which falls on 1 June. He especially loves celebrating his friends' birthdays.

On his birthday, ABC Bunyip likes to catch up with family and friends. He starts his birthday early in the morning on the big Black Boogie Swamp.

His favorite birthday breakfast is hot swamp slime on toast. He likes to get his birthday greetings on the Bush Telegraph and always looks forward to checking the postbox for a birthday card from his grandma.

When his friends Archie the Dotty Dalmatian Dog and Raymond the Little Black Pig come to celebrate with him, they like to play chase and hide and seek and usually will end up very muddy.

Before ABC has his party in the afternoon they all wash themselves clean and make and sell tidy. They put on their party hats.

ABC Bunyip Birthday Club

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