Birthday Club Fun With
ABC Bunyip

ABC Bunyip loves birthdays so much that he started his own birthday club.

The ABC Bunyip Birthday Club was created especially for you to join, so ABC can be a part of your festivities. ABC Bunyip just quivers with excitement about birthdays. He thinks celebrating with his friends on their birthdays is awesome. But imagine how much more it would be if he could share a birthday every day of the year! That's where you come in when you join the Birthday Club.

Every year, ABC looks forward to his birthday which falls on 1 June.

ABC wonders if any Birthday Club members share his birthday?

Catching up with his family and friends on his birthday is what ABC Bunyip looks forward to most of all. He start his special day early in the morning on the Big Black Boogie Swamp.

First, he takes his favorite birthday breakfast or hot swamp slime on toast. So gooey and yummy!

Australia Post Box. Did ABC Bunyip's Grandma post his birthday card here?Did ABC Bunyip's Grandma post his birthday card in this Australia Post Box?

Så han liker å ha hans fødselsdag greetings på Bush Telegraph før han går ned til checkboxen for en fødselsdagskort fra hans farmor.

Do You Have A Special Birthday Breakfast?

When his new friends Archie the Dotty Dalmatian Dog and Raymond the Little Black Pig come to visit ACB on his birthday, they play chase and hide and seek and usually end up very, very muddy.

Before ABC has his party in the afternoon they all wash themselves clean and make themselves neat and tidy. They put on their party hats, and smile, ready for fun.

Archie and Raymond give ABC the presents they have hidden in a black box tree. ABC is surprised as he does not expect to be given anything. He remembers his manners and says "Thank You." Eagerly he opens his gifts.

They play games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey , Pass the Parcel. and Spin the Bottle .

Dan kommer det øyeblikk de har ventet på. The birthday cake arrives. ABC Bunyip blows out the candle and shuts his eyes and makes a wish. The others sing Happy Birthday to You. Do you know it? They all tuck into slices of yummy cake.

How do you spend your birthday?

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