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    Turn coffee into books! Behind every successful author is a never ending supply of coffee! Please keep this author focused and buy her a cappuccino on soy.

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    Turn Coffee into Books

    An author’s ability to turn coffee into books is her super power.

    To turn coffee into books, every successful author needs a never ending supply of coffee. I live a couple of hours drive away from Australia’s premier coffee growing region. My coffee nook is stocked with locally grown and roasted coffee beans and my imported Italian coffee machine hisses out steam for a cappuccino kick start to the day.

    A change of scenery helps authors turn coffee into book.

    For many authors find in order to turn coffee into books, visiting a coffee shop is essential. Working at home alone can be uninspiring.

    The many ways coffee shops help authors turn coffee into books …

    Pyjamas don’t cut the mustard in coffee shops, so the dressing up in suitable attire, packing up your laptop and writing supplies and heading to a coffee shop symbolises going to the office! It might be a favourite or a new discovery, but the change of scenery definitely clicks a switch in the brain. Inside, wrapped snugly in the ambiance that only a coffee shop can offer, a cosy feeling engulfs you and you relax. Your brain gets infused with a kaleidoscope of sensory experiences from the tantalising aroma of the coffee brewing, the warmth of the earthenware mug craddled in your hands, the people watching, overhearing snippets of conversation and laughter, and finally the your tastebuds tingle as you sip the hot, and steamy liquid gold. And then the words start flow. This is how authors turn coffee into books.

    Please buy me a coffee.

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    Book 2, ABC Bunyip and the Motorbike Frogs is written and in the publishing phase. Book 3, ABC Bunyip Saves Christmas is currently being written. Coffee is definitley needed.

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