ABC Bunyip got really upset when he learned that not everyone knows what a bunyip is. Bunyips have a reputation to uphold, especially those from the Big Black Boogie Swamp where he lives. He dried his tears and took some deep breathes and decided to explain. A bunyip is an Australian monster that lives in the inland waterways of Australia. Bunyips are part of Aboriginal legend and are said to make really scary noises at night, and their favourite dinner is humans! According to Wikipedia, the word “bunyip” has been traced back to the Wemba Wemba Aboriginal people of Victoria. 


Back in 1847, a skull retrieved from the banks of the Murrumbidgee River near Balranald in south western New South Wales was exhibited at the Australian Museum in Sydney. It was credited by local Aboriginals as being the skull of a Bunyip.Later, on the other side of the world, British scientists disproved this identification. Were they right?


My friend ABC Bunyip, lives in the Big Black Boogie Swamp in Outback Australia. And just so you know … he is vegetarian! It is safe to keep reading. I think I already mentioned that he is Australia’s favourite monster!